Fanzam Community Involvement

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 It all started back in 2008 when Liquid Box sponsored the South Carolina Stingray hockey team, who won the national championship that year. While I sat in the seats watching the games that season, I was thinking how Liquid Box could help to interact with the crowd while also finding a fun and interactive way to involve local children in the games.

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After spending hours penning down numerous ideas, the idea that kept sticking out was to build a souped-up, hotrod zamboni. Now by souped up, I mean installing a widescreen t.v., huge stero system, smoke machine, and 22 inch chrome rims complete with seats for the fans to ride in! Friends and family might have said my idea was crazy, but I was determined to make this dream a reality!

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The process of searching for a zamboni was at times rough and time consuming, but after four months, voila! Zamboni found! There it was, sitting on a car lot in Philadelphia, with our name on it. Now that, my friends, is a miracle, as is the fact that my wife decided to stay married to me as I pulled my new purchase into the driveway. I like to think that all of the yelling and questions from my wife were really just her way of saying, “Great job, honey! I’m so thrilled you did this,” …or not.

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